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"Being kind to animals is not enough. Avoiding cruelty is not enough. Housing animals in more comfortable, larger cages is not enough. Whether we exploit animals to eat, to wear, to entertain us, or to learn, the truth of animal rights requires empty cages, not larger cages."


Empty Cages by Tom Regan

Welcome to our site. We hope you find what you are looking for. The site contains local, national, and international resources relating to animal rights, everything from fact sheets to photographs, plus numerous links to other relevant sites hosted by animal rights advocates throughout the world.

Our main port of entry, however, is through Tom Regan's new book, Empty Cages: Facing the Challenge of Animal Rights. The site provides supplemental information that could not be included in the book. Its organization mirrors the book’s contents. The site’s major divisions correspond to the book’s chapters, and the site’s subdivisions correspond to the various sections in each chapter.

For example, Chapter Six in the book is entitled “Turning Animals into Food.” One section in this chapter discusses “The Veal Industry.” So if you are looking for supplemental information about farmed animals in general, choose Resources and visit the links for “Turning Animals Into Food” under Factsheets and Links. If you are looking for supplemental information about the veal industry in particular, you will find those resources inside the Factsheets and Links for “Turning Animals Into Food” by category; i.e., “Veal Farming” or “Dairy/Milk.”

Supplemental information throughout the site includes standard bibliographical listings (relevant books and articles, for example) and links to relevant web sites, some of which present video and photographic images. Some of these images can be accessed by visiting our Gallery. Note that these visual resources include two kinds of images. Some (the easy ones) depict the beauty and dignity, the grace and mystery of other animals. Others (the hard ones) depict the treatment animals receive at the hands of the major animal-user industries. Be forewarned (and you will always have the choice to view them or not): these visuals do not try to conceal or minimize the tragic truth. Billions of animals live lives of abject misery and go to their deaths in the unfeeling clutches of human cruelty. These are painful truths, but truths they are.

Empty Cage’s discussion of major animal-user industries is limited for the most part to the American scene. However, users of this site will find many links to organizations throughout the world that provide relevant information about practices in other countries. Just visit Resources for books, factsheets, links, and more.

In addition to these resources, selections from some of Tom Regan’s other books are included. Most of these resources are more abstract and theoretical than what readers will find in Empty Cages. They are provided for people looking for systematic philosophical explorations of philosophical ideas at the center of the animal rights debate.

Our web site is a communal work-in-progress. As new, relevant resources become available, they will be added. People who visit the site are encouraged to send along suggestions that they think will help improve it.


Be advised: Not all the links within this web site reflect the views of Tom Regan, North Carolina State University, the North Carolina State University Library, or the Culture and Animals Foundation.


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